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Informed Timeshare Decisions,

Why You Should Avoid Timeshare Upgrades

When you attend the initial timeshare sales presentation, you’re shown pictures of beautiful properties and videos of families having an amazing time using the resort’s luxurious amenities. The sales team will promise you the flexibility you desire from fractional vacation ownership and tell you it’s extremely easy to navigate the exchange process. Unfortunately, many timeshare owners find that their experience doesn’t reflect the promises made during the sales presentation.

If you’re unhappy with your timeshare experience, a logical first step is to contact the resort developer to express your displeasure and try to resolve the matter in a way that ensures you receive what you were promised. In many instances, this will simply present the developer with an opportunity to try and sell you a timeshare upgrade.

Resorts present these upgrades as ways to get more value from your purchase. In reality, you rarely get additional value promised. If you’re unhappy with the initial bill of goods you were sold, it’s highly unlikely you’ll have a different experience the second time around. Instead, these upgrades are simply a way to get you to spend more money with the resort.

Common Reasons Why People Upgrade Their Timeshare Contract

In almost all instances, timeshare upgrades occur when an owner is having a bad experience. This can occur for a variety of reasons:

In response to these complaints, the resort will often explain to you that you purchased a lower tiered timeshare contract that doesn’t allow for the amenities or flexibility you expected. They’ll tell you that if you upgrade to a higher package, you’ll be able to stay in more luxurious accommodations, enjoy the flexibility you desire, and solve all of the problems that are causing your frustration. Always be wary of these upgrade pitches, as they rarely deliver what they promise.

Make Sure You Understand All Upgrades Before Agreeing to Them

Why You Should Avoid Timeshare UpgradesEvery time you agree to a timeshare upgrade, you’re signing another contract. This will lock you into additional terms and often make the exit process more challenging, should you choose to get rid of your timeshare in the future.

We have clients who are in the process of canceling their timeshare who got saddled with additional expenses because they accepted an upgrade. It’s common for people to be sold on multiple upgrades before deciding to pursue an exit strategy. One of our clients is spending more than their home mortgage and car payments combined on their timeshare because they were upgraded multiple times.

In some instances, you are receiving an upgraded package that voids the initial contract and forces you to agree to a second upfront purchase fee. Often, the same issues you previously experienced will occur with your upgraded package. However, you’ll be spending more money each year for these frustrations.

In other instances, you may be promised that the upgrade process involves purchasing an entirely new timeshare. As part of this purchase, you may be told you’ll no longer be responsible for the original timeshare once you purchase the new one, or that the resort will sell your original timeshare once the upgrade purchase is complete. In these situations, owners often find that they’re now saddled with the costs of multiple timeshare properties each year.

Canceling Your Timeshare Avoids the Issues Associated with Upgrades

If you’re unhappy with your timeshare experience, there’s a better solution than getting saddled with the additional costs associated with an upgrade. You can legally cancel your contract and break free from the burdens associated with timeshare ownership once and for all.

At Timeshare Termination Team, we understand the frustrations you’re experiencing. We hear similar stories from families just like you every day. In fact, our founder started the company after undergoing his own painful experience trying to get out of an unwanted timeshare. We’re here to help you through this difficult time so that you can live life on your own terms once again.

Our exclusive You First Approach™ ensures your unique needs and goals come first throughout every step of the process. We understand that every timeshare contract is different, and therefore you need a customized solution to achieve your desired outcome. Our in-house legal team will carefully examine your timeshare contract in order to design the right exit strategy to safely, legally and permanently get you out of your timeshare.

As part of our approach, you’ll be armed with all the information you need to understand your options. We provide you with a comprehensive Straight Facts Exit Guide™ containing the insights necessary to make an informed decision. Our Step-by-Step Exit Map™ will outline the exit process in detail so that you understand what to expect.

In addition, we’ll provide you with a Money-Back Exit Guarantee™ that we’ll safely, legally and permanently cancel your timeshare or you’ll receive a full refund. We have a 100% success rate getting our clients out of their timeshares, and we can ensure you achieve the freedom you desire.

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