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General, Tips to Get Out of Your Timeshare,

When is the Perfect Time to Get Out of Your Timeshare

Buying a property under the traditional timeshare regime – the right to use that property for a certain period each year – can be quite problematic. The same thing can be said about joining systems offering long-term holiday products such as holiday clubs that provide discounts on accommodation or access to various benefits, sometimes in combination with traveling or other services, for a period of more than one year.

Both conventional timeshares and the various systems offering long-term holiday products that have emerged over the years may involve a substantial, permanent or long-term financial commitment. They also provide recurrent costs (taxes, maintenance costs, insurance, etc.).

The perfect time to get out of your timeshare or think about timeshare cancellation is when you feel it becomes a burden and you cannot handle it anymore. Timeshares are long term contracts and your financial situation may change or you can get bored of planning your vacation in the same place all over again.

In order to protect yourself from possible misunderstandings, it is good to know that there are rules that protect you against unscrupulous traders when you sign contracts for timeshare purchases or other systems offering long-term holiday products. Norms also protect you when signing resale contracts or exchange contracts.


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