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What to Do with a Backlog of Unused Weeks Due to COVID-19

When you were forced to cancel your 2020 vacation due to COVID-19 health concerns and widespread travel restrictions, you probably thought you’d be able to roll over your unused weeks into future years. While that seems like a fair and reasonable assumption given the enormity of a global pandemic — and the fact that several resorts were shut down to adhere to social distancing guidelines —many timeshare owners are now finding that rollover policies are not, in fact, straightforward. As a result, you’re probably even more motivated to explore your timeshare exit options now.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, our experienced legal team has helped numerous clients legally exit their timeshares. If you’re no longer able to travel, can’t afford your timeshare, or simply want out of your contract, contact us for a free consultation to learn how Timeshare Termination Team can help. That way, you can free up your budget to travel on your own terms — when you feel safe to do so and without fear of losing out on pre-paid vacation weeks that you can’t bank.

If you do have a backlog of unused timeshare weeks due to COVID-19 that you’re looking to use, here’s what you should know.

Timeshare Companies Have Varying Policies

When you sat through the timeshare pitch, you were probably sold on the flexibility of being able to change your vacation weeks to suit your schedule or swap out destinations to mix things up. Now, you’re finding that timeshares are not nearly as flexible as they marketed themselves to be. Sadly, some companies aren’t reimbursing consumers for their unused weeks, even if they couldn’t travel during COVID-19 because they were immunocompromised or in another high-risk group.

Policies on banking your weeks or rolling over unused vacations vary by timeshare company, and some have been more flexible with timeshare owners during the pandemic than others. But, trying to rebook a vacation (one that you’ve already paid for) has become a stressful endeavor for many timeshare owners who are scrambling to do so, and learning that companies have their own sets of convoluted rules and restrictions adds to the frustration.

For instance, if you cancelled your April 2020 booking, you may have had a short window (i.e. 90 to 120 days) to rebook your timeshare week — an impossible burden given that there was no clear timeline for when travel would resume.

Ask Specific Questions about Rebooking

It may make sense to get out of your timeshare now, freeing yourself from the financial burden and maintenance fees of timeshare ownership. However, if you’re set on rebooking, be sure to ask specific questions when you do so. If you cancel and don’t play by your timeshare company’s set of rigid rules, you could lose out on your vacation and still be stuck paying the annual maintenance fees.

Here are some questions you’ll want addressed as you try to use unused weeks:

Get Rid of Your Timeshare Legally

If you’re frustrated with your backlog of unused vacation weeks, now may be the ideal time to terminate your timeshare contract for good. Timeshare Termination Team can help you legally exit your timeshare before you accumulate an even bigger backlog of unused vacation weeks you can’t use.

Our in-house legal team will carefully review your contract and recommend an effective plan to legally and permanently cancel your contract. The first step is to contact us today to schedule a free consultation.


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