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What Does a Timeshare Attorney Do?

If you want to cancel or to terminate a timeshare contract, but the situation looks complicated or you want professional assistance with the process to avoid costly mistakes, timeshare attorneys are the experts to turn to – here are a few of the tasks they handle:

1) They provide consultation about the cancellation solutions available based on the information provided by you and based on your contract.
2) They will determine how much you can get for your timeshare after analyzing all the financial aspects related to the property, including market value, mortgages and other aspects.
3) They get in touch with the seller of your timeshare and initiates the cancellation negotiations, representing your best interest during the meetings.
4) They prepare all the paperwork related to the cancellation process, including the cancellation letter and the documents for the court case, if you need to sue the seller to be able to get out of the timeshare contract.

When you choose your timeshare attorney, choose an expert who does not ask you to make any upfront payment – reliable and reputable timeshare attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning that they do not charge their clients anything for the paperwork done or for their time spent working on your case.

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