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Informed Timeshare Decisions,

What Are My Options if My Timeshare has Become a Burden?

When you were sold a timeshare, you were promised an easy way to take a luxury vacation with your family each year. For many timeshare owners, this becomes their experience – at least for a while. However, even the most satisfied timeshare owners often come to find that it eventually becomes a burden.

If you feel like your timeshare no longer meets your needs, you have options. At Timeshare Termination Team, we can help you to get you out of your timeshare permanently and get back to enjoying life on your terms.

Common Reasons Why Your Timeshare May Become Undesirable

There are many reasons why your timeshare may become a burden over time. We hear four common reasons from our clients for wanting to get rid of their timeshare.

“I Can’t Use My Timeshare”

When you purchase a timeshare, you receive a set week or weeks each year to use the property – usually occurring the same week every year. While many timeshare sales presentations tout the ability to shift your week to meet your needs, the reality is many timeshare owners don’t experience this flexibility. It can often be challenging to swap your predetermined week for one that better meets your needs. This may result in your timeshare going unused.

The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified this issue. Many timeshare properties have been shut down due to the pandemic and will likely remain closed throughout 2021 since containing the virus is still an ongoing struggle. This, combined with travel restrictions imposed around the world, have made it particularly challenging for owners to use their timeshare this year. Even if your property was available on your allotted week, you may find that a pandemic-related reduction in amenities made the vacation less desirable.

Unfortunately, you must pay for your timeshare regardless of whether you use it. There are regular expenses associated with timeshare ownership, including:

No one wants to pay several thousand dollars a year for a vacation they don’t take. During difficult financial times caused by the pandemic, this burden can potentially become crippling to your family.

 “I Don’t Travel Like I Used To”

What Are My Options if My Timeshare has Become a Burden?

What Are My Options if My Timeshare has Become a Burden?

Our needs change as we get older. It’s likely that your timeshare met your vacation needs at the time you purchased it. It provided you with a great opportunity to enjoy memorable family vacations every year. However, vacation preferences often change as children get older and leave the house:

When this occurs, you may find you’re not using your timeshare anymore. Unfortunately, you’re still stuck paying for it, regardless of whether you use it.

“I Can No Longer Afford My Timeshare”

Due to all the yearly expenses associated with timeshare ownership, it’s crucial to make sure this purchase fits into your budget. Maybe at the time you bought it, you were able to afford the costs associated with ownership. However, financial situations change, and you find you can no longer afford your timeshare:

“I Inherited a Timeshare I Don’t Want”

A timeshare is an asset that can stay with you when you die. As a result, they are often passed onto a loved one as an inheritance. It’s common for people to inherit a timeshare that they never wanted, won’t use, and possibly can’t even afford. While timeshares are often pitched as a beautiful gift you can leave to your family, the reality is that many people find it to be a considerable burden when they’ve inherited an unwanted timeshare.

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