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Tired of Timeshare Maintenance Fees? Here’s What to Do

timeshare maintenance fees

Timeshare Maintenance Fees

No matter how long you’ve had your timeshare, you’ve probably noticed one pesky little thing (okay, maybe many pesky little things) — the fees! Maintenance fees are part of the package, but when you bought the timeshare, you probably didn’t consider them, really. You definitely didn’t consider the fact that they would rise, and continue to rise, year after year.

If you’re tired of paying those fees, we don’t blame you. But let’s take a closer look before you decide what’s next.

What Are Those Fees Really About?

Your maintenance fees go to the property — to pay for the upkeep and upgrade of the entire space. It varies from location to location, but it often goes to things like landscaping, amenities upkeep and the cost of doing business for the resort. Essentially, those maintenance fees ensure the timeshare is an enjoyable place to stay, but that doesn’t mean you’re the one enjoying it.

Will They Ever Stop Rising?

Well, that’s a tricky question. But if we’re honest, it’s unlikely. Just like rent often raises year after year, those maintenance fees are likely to keep on rising, too. We certainly can’t guarantee that they will, but the chances of your maintenance fees lowering or staying the same aren’t great. On average, these fees rise 4% each year.

What Can You Do?

Theoretically, you could stop paying them, but we certainly wouldn’t recommend this. After all, you’re contractually obligated to those fees, even if you aren’t using the timeshare anymore or don’t think the fees are worth it. Plus, if you stop paying those fees, you’re going to deal with debt collectors and potential legal action, and no one wants that.

If you’re really looking to kiss those fees goodbye, there’s only one solution: get out of your timeshare for good.

That may seem like quite the undertaking, but we promise, it’s possible. And when you work with professionals who understand the complexities involved with legally getting out of your timeshare and getting rid of those fees, it’s more than just possible – it can be simple!

Not sure where to start? Let Timeshare Termination Team help. Schedule a free consultation and let’s discuss your options to get our of your timeshare. Together we can create a plan to get that money back in your pocket so you can start planning for your future. Let us help you discover freedom from your timeshare burden.

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