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Protect Yourself Against Timeshare Sales And Resales

Between picturesque beaches, fun-filled amusement parks, and an energy that says, “you can relax” it’s easy to see why Florida is a favorite U.S. destination for vacations. The Sunshine State is also home to many popular timeshare resorts making it easy to fall into a contract that ties up your finances for years after the vacation ends.

While the timeshare industry is largely unregulated, Florida is one of the states that is starting to crack down on the regulation of timeshare sales and resales.

In an article on their website, the Florida Office of the Attorney General posted some great information with the goal that visitors and residents who own timeshares know more about their rights when it comes to the purchase and resale of their timeshares.

“Timeshare scams occur both at the time of the original purchase and when you try to resell the timeshare. Victims of timeshare sales companies are contacted either over the phone or are mailed a postcard asking the victim to call a toll-free phone number. Once they call, victims are told that a buyer is ready and willing to purchase their timeshare if they merely pay listing fees or taxes. However, after a victim pays, the sale of the timeshare never goes through and he or she is unable to get a refund.”

The Florida Office of the Attorney General also offered great advice about protecting yourself from timeshare scams.

“Read your contract to determine what cancellation rights you have after you have signed the papers. Make sure you understand exactly what you are signing and consider having an attorney look over the contract before you sign it. Before buying a timeshare, you should consider whether you will want to return to the same vacation spot each year. Remember that once you buy it, you may not be able to sell it due to a crowded resale market.”

Sadly, at Timeshare Termination Team, we have come across too many instances where a person is unhappy with their timeshare and cannot resell it or even give it away. This is where timeshare contract cancellation may be the only option.

Thankfully, we can help with that. Timeshare Termination Team specializes in cancelling your timeshare contracts with a 100% success rate that is backed up by our 100% money back guarantee. We team up with attorneys who specialize in getting rid of timeshares legally while finding freedom for owners who are stuck paying for fees they no longer want.

Give us a call, and we will get you scheduled for a free consultation. One of our Expert Advisors will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

For more helpful tips on protecting yourself from timeshare sales and resale scams, please click here to visit the Florida Office of the Attorney General’s website.

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