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The Facts You Need to Make an Informed Decision

Your Starting Point

There is a lot to consider when deciding to terminate your timeshare. So here are some resources to help you get started.

From calculating the true cost of your timeshare to you and your loved ones to discovering your options for getting out—we’re here to help make that journey a little simpler for you.

Every timeshare ownership situation is different. And we want to equip you with the information and tools you need to make the best decision for you and your family. Because, no matter what, our priorities will always be with you in mind.

Timeshare Ownership by the Numbers

In the United States, timeshares are a $10.5 billion-per-year industry—more than the $8.76 billion generated by the National Basketball Association.
*Stats come from AIF State of the Vacation Timeshare Industry: United States Study, 2020 edition.


Average Timeshare Price

The average owner pays $22,942 for their one-week share of a vacation property. That doesn’t include annual maintenance fees, interest paid on a mortgage, and other fees associated with ownership.*


Average Annual Maintenance Fee

Maintenance fees are a reality for every owner, and they must be paid whether you use the timeshare or not. Unfortunately, these fees increase an average of 4% every year. That’s a 48% increase over 10 years!*


Average Timeshare Mortgage APR

A typical timeshare mortgage carries an interest rate anywhere from 14% to 18%—with some as high as 20%! And this is paid over a 10-year mortgage term, which means you will be paying significantly more for that timeshare than you may have planned.

Learning Center


Exit Basics

Learn the answers to your biggest questions about getting out.

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Mortgage Cost Calculator

Find out what that timeshare mortgage will truly cost you.

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Selling a Timeshare

Get the facts about trying to sell your timeshare.

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Hear from Our Experts

Check out interviews with our team of experts.

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Browse topics and timely updates about timeshare cancellation.

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Get the answers to some of the most common questions about Timeshare Termination Team.

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