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How to Get Out of a Timeshare Presentation

You’ve recently been contacted with an offer of a free gift in exchange for sitting through a presentation, typically lasting 90-120 minutes, where you’ll hear about an amazing vacation opportunity at a luxury resort. If the free gift is appealing enough, there’s a good chance you’ll say yes. After all, everyone likes free gifts. However, if you’re not prepared for what lies ahead, this seemingly harmless presentation can potentially saddle you with a timeshare you had no intention of purchasing.

Timeshare sales presentations are high-pressure environments designed to appeal to your emotions and wear you down in order to close the deal. The sales team will do everything in their power to make it difficult to say no. To combat these tactics, it’s important to know what to expect and have a few strategies in mind that will help you stand firm and escape the presentation without purchasing an unwanted timeshare.

Free Gifts Aren’t Always Free

Before diving into the sales process, you should understand an important caveat. In many situations, your free gift isn’t truly free. You will often get charged for any accepted gifts if you decline their presentation or fail to stay for the required amount of time. If you don’t plan on actually showing up to the presentation or sticking around until the agreed-upon end time, don’t accept the gift.

To avoid being charged for a gift you don’t really want, make sure you understand all requirements before you agree to attend the presentation. If the terms for your free gift aren’t clearly stated, you can be sure the terms of the timeshare purchase will be nebulous as well.

What Happens During a Timeshare Sales Presentation?

blank name tag to be worn at a timeshare sales presentationMost timeshare presentations are typically scheduled for 90-120 minutes, although they frequently run much longer than their stated end time (more on that later). During the presentation, you’ll meet several people who will use a variety of tactics to get you to buy a timeshare. These people often include:

Sales Tactics Used to Close the Deal

During your timeshare presentation, the sales team will employ a variety of tactics that will make it very hard for you to say no. These include:

When these tactics are delivered by multiple people over several hours in a high-pressure environment, it can be emotionally draining. This is their goal. If they can keep you in the room long enough and continue to wear away at your resolve, they have a better chance of closing the deal.

6 Tactics to Help You Escape the Presentation without Making a Purchase

The following tips will help you successfully get through a timeshare presentation without signing a contract:

Timeshare Termination Team Can Help

If you’ve recently gone through a timeshare presentation and regret your purchase, you have options. Timeshare Termination Team can help you get out of your unwanted timeshare.

Our expert advisors have helped thousands of people just like you who have come to regret their timeshare purchase. We work with a team of attorneys who will design a customized exit strategy based on the unique terms of your contract. Our attorney-based solutions have achieved a 100% success rate for our clients.

We’re the only timeshare cancellation company in the country that offers a You First Approach™ guaranteed to safely, legally and permanently get you out of your timeshare. We accomplish this by focusing on your specific needs and goals throughout every stage of the process. As part of our approach, you’ll receive:

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