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Solving Challenges, Tips to Get Out of Your Timeshare,

How to Cancel a Timeshare Legally

Also called vacation ownership, a timeshare is a type of property, usually a condominium unit located on a resort, the ownership of which is shared by multiple individuals, each of whom is allowed to use the property for the predefined period allotted to them.

Even though timeshare contracts are usually easy to buy into, but difficult to get out of, you as the timeshare owner can still cancel your contract – here is how:

1) Check the cancellation period – most states require timeshare contracts to include a cancellation period to allow the buyers to get out of the contract if they change their minds within the period stipulated in the contract.

2) Check the grace period – if it is still in force, you can cancel the contract by simply sending the seller a notification letter about your decision.

3) Turn to specialized timeshare lawyers for help

If the grace period has expired, you can still get out of the timeshare contract, but the process is more difficult. Fortunately, there are great lawyers who specialize in timeshare cancellation, so the best and easiest way to get out of your contract is by finding and turning to a reputable expert to handle the process on your behalf.

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