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Solving Challenges,

COVID-19’s Impacts on Timeshares

Timeshares can be a source of financial stress and frustration for many people. Between rising property maintenance fees and other unexpected costs, owning a timeshare can be even more difficult during seasons of financial uncertainty, especially when you can’t even book a trip to stay at your timeshare.

Because our top priorities will always be with you in mind, we would like to address some questions you may have about the possible impacts of COVID-19 on timeshares and the travel industry.

What effects will COVID-19 have on timeshare and travel industry?

Obviously, many people have either canceled trips because they’re unable to travel or because they just can’t afford to travel this year. Many resorts have shut down completely during this time. And since we are headed into travel season, that will be a big hit to their bottom line.

When resorts are impacted financially, that is when timeshare owners can start to receive what are called special assessments. We’ve seen this on a much smaller scale when a natural disaster, like a hurricane or tornado, strikes the area around a resort. The resorts issue special assessment fees to timeshare owners to help cover the cost of the physical damage to the property.

In our current situation, those special assessments would be to cover the financial damages these resorts will experience. Unfortunately, we’ve heard of timeshare owners already receiving these fees in the mail.

How does this affect Timeshare Termination Team’s ability to get people out of their timeshares?

Our process moving forward really doesn’t change.  It’s a legal process, and our team of expert attorneys have navigated these waters before.

We are ready to help timeshare owners get out of this financial burden by legally and permanently getting them out of their timeshare contract.

How can Timeshare Termination Team help timeshare owners?

We know things are difficult for a lot of people during this season. We want to do everything we can to help timeshare owners take this burden off their plates so they can move forward and take care of their families.

For the month of April, we are offering 15% off the cost of terminating your timeshare with us.

Right now, more than ever, is the time to make the best financial decision for your family. And our team wants to help make that process simple and straightforward.

Give us a call, and we will get you scheduled for a free consultation. One of our Expert Advisors will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

From there, we do all the heavy lifting for our clients, so they don’t have to worry when these kinds of circumstances come up.

From our families to yours, stay well.

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