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Client Success Story: Johnny & Shetona

Dealing with the termination of your timeshare is a pretty personal thing. We know so many people who are frustrated, fed up and feel deceived by something that was supposed to allow them more room to relax.  Instead, it’s done the exact opposite.

That’s why we believe it’s so important to be transparent—not only about the process but also about the experience our past clients have had. After all, we can tell you trust us all day long, but we’ve found it often sounds a lot more convincing from someone who has stood where you stand now and can finally say they’re free of the timeshare burden they struggled to rid themselves of for so long.

“The reason we chose to do business with Timeshare Termination Team was that we had several failed attempts at trying to sell our timeshare,” Shetona said of her experience with the Timeshare Termination Team.

After seeing our commercial on television, Shetona’s husband, Johnny, decided to see what we were all about.

“We decided, let’s make a call because we understand that there are many scams out there. But we didn’t feel that way, we felt that this team was legitimate,” Johnny said.

After an initial consultation, we worked together to take them from frustrated and financially stressed to feeling like they had control of their lives and their budgets once again.

“They put a little extra money into our household, which we greatly needed at that particular time,” Johnny said.

The situation they found themselves in is not that uncommon in the world of timeshares. What seems so attractive and simple upon first signing quickly becomes unmanageable and, as Shetona explained, unaffordable for so many families.

“Each year the fees were astronomically higher, and we were trying to identify how is this going to impact us in long term? Because when we first acquired the timeshare, it was affordable. However, even after the second year—as early as the second year, we saw that the fees were extensive, and they were a lot more extensive than they were originally. So it was becoming unaffordable,” Shetona said.

We were able to successfully terminate their timeshare and give them back some of the flexibility they had been missing due to the restrictive nature of the timeshare contract they’d signed.

“They’ve done a fantastic job for us, so I would highly, highly recommend someone to contact this particular team,” Johnny said.

Let us help you take back the flexibility and financial freedom you’ve been missing. Call us today or schedule a free consultation. We’ll discuss the particulars of your timeshare agreement with you to determine the best course of action. That way, you can get back to enjoying your life without the ever-increasing maintenance fees.

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