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Client Stories

Stories of Freedom

To us, there is nothing better than hearing from clients who are just thrilled to be free from their timeshares. After years of living in a neverending cycle of costly fees, mortgage payments and stress, they are finally free to just live life on their own terms.

Enjoy hearing from these “Recovering Timeshare Owners” as they share about their experience with Timeshare Termination Team.




Tom's Story

He knew he needed someone he could trust when it came to getting out of his timeshare. That's why he chose Timeshare Termination Team.

I really trusted youand I haven't been sorry since

Hear Tom's Story



Andrew & Cynthia's Story

They knew there had to be a more affordable way to vacation. That's why they were so grateful when they found Timeshare Termination Team.

They will help you out tremendously,And it was really painless

Hear Andrew & Cynthia's Story



Renee's Story

Her timeshare had put her in a really difficult financial situation. Timeshare Termination team was able to help her free herself from her burden.

They made me feel comfortableall across the board

Hear Renee's Story



John & Virginia's Story

They had tried other options, but no one was able to help them out like Timeshare Termination Team.

We didn't have toworry about anything

Hear John & Virginia's Story

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