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Celebrating the Success of Women: An Interview with Timeshare Termination Team’s Joanna Brown

Getting into a timeshare contract is a breeze. Resort presentations paint a picture of luxury vacations to look forward to every year and a high-pressure sales team extends limited-time offers and celebratory champagne to close deals. But getting out of a timeshare contract? That’s much more complicated.

Timeshare Termination Team, a woman-led company, helps those who are burdened by timeshare ownership to legally exit their contracts. Our approach is to create a low-pressure environment so that our clients feel confident and comfortable with their timeshare exit plan.

In celebration of women leaders this International Women’s Day (March 8), we sat down with our own Joanna Brown, CEO of Timeshare Termination Team, about how she’s leveraging her 27 years of corporate experience to help people get out of timeshares legally, and doing so with a compassionate approach at a fast-growing company.

Women as Compassionate Leaders with Business Acumen

International Women’s Day is dedicated to celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world. The day is also an opportunity to recognize and honor the remarkable skill sets that women bring to leadership roles.

“Women really do have a knack for being intuitive, and for also being well-rounded, having both care and compassion for people as well as business acumen,” Joanna says. Combined, those traits make for solid leaders, she says.

Compassion is a core value at Timeshare Termination Team. Our in-house legal team navigates timeshare exit solutions on behalf of our clients, while our client relations team serves as advocates, understanding just how financially stressful it can be to be trapped in a contract with escalating maintenance fees or inflexible policies that make it difficult for you to vacation on your own terms.

Before COVID-19, a whopping 85 percent of timeshare owners regretted their purchases. Now, getting out of a timeshare has become even more relevant amid a global pandemic. For those who have lost jobs during COVID-19, being locked in an expensive timeshare contract can add financial stress. Others who are at high risk of serious infection if they catch COVID-19 may not feel comfortable traveling now, which is leading to a backlog of unused vacation weeks that could expire.

In this unprecedented time, Joanna appreciates that her team is passionate about helping clients free themselves from burdensome timeshare contracts.

“We bring hope and relief, and we are helping people’s lives be a little bit better as a result,” she says.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Women Leaders

As we celebrate International Women’s Day this March, not only are we honoring the accomplishments of women today, but we’re also looking to inspire the next generation of leaders and those who are leveling up in their careers.

A key to career success is striking a work-life balance and, Joanna says, recognizing that regardless of what people say, we can’t do it all.

“There are only so many hours in the day, so become a pro at prioritization and knowing how to effectively reprioritize and say ‘no’, or push non-critical things to the back burner while focusing on the things that will move the needle most,” she says.  Outside of work, she enjoys cooking, creating recipes, entertaining, living out her faith, hiking and traveling.

Joanna also advocates for not just believing in yourself, but believing others when they build you up. Trust your colleagues when they compliment you and invest in you. Joanna says some of her co-workers have been her very best advocates and supporters.

As for the best career advice that she’s ever received?

“Make sure you bring value into any situation you’re in and you’ll be a desired commodity in business,” she says.

Are you looking to exit your timeshare contract? Timeshare Termination Team offers an exclusive You First Approach™ that places your needs first every step of the way. Our in-house legal team will carefully review your contract and recommend an effective plan to legally and permanently cancel your contract. The first step is to contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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