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Did You Know,

Easy and Affordable Alternatives to Timeshares

There may have been a time when purchasing a timeshare seemed like the best option out there. They promise an alluring, annual getaway somewhere beautiful with full accommodations. And, for some owners, their timeshare is still an easy and enjoyable experience. However, these days there are more affordable options for vacation homes in the form of rentals and unique travel experiences that allow you limitless opportunities and experiences.


Airbnb allows individuals to offer entire properties, including condos, townhomes and houses as vacation rentals—or, for smaller space options, spare rooms, private basements or guest houses.

These rentals provide a truly unique experience for any traveler on almost any budget. Since locals own them, there is often a plethora of fun, insider tips to be found in welcome notes and communications left throughout the rental. A little tip if you want an exceptional Airbnb experience: Book your stay with Superhosts who are among the highest reviewed by other renters.


Similar to Airbnb—but instead of letting individuals list their homes, Sonder has curated and purchased modern chic spaces throughout the world that are available to rent.

All rental properties are managed and booked directly through Sonder. This offers guaranteed consistency in customer service without taking away the unique charm of finding your own little home away from home wherever you travel.


If the main attraction of a timeshare for you and your family is the idea of getting away for an entire week, VRBO is an excellent alternative. You’re more likely to find complete spaces for your family on VRBO as there are far fewer single rooms up for rent and far more house rentals that they offer. VRBO also typically sees more long-term stays than Airbnb, making that total getaway feel just a few quick taps away.

Luxury Home Rental

There are several websites specific to individual areas or for particular interests that offer grand experiences with luxury home rentals. If the all-inclusiveness of a timeshare is most tempting to you, consider looking into a luxury home rental. You may be able to find that same glamorous feel at a fraction of the price—and without the recurring and rising annual costs.

New Experiences for You and Your Family

Thanks to the advancement of technology and some very innovative thinkers, there many new ways to enjoy planning and going on a vacation. By utilizing these alternatives, you can curate the exact experience that fits you and your family each year. You can visit new and exciting places without sacrificing the charm and experience of staying in a unique space.

There are a plethora of ways to have what used to be the easy and extravagant “timeshare experience” without all those pesky, restrictive strings attached.

If you’re ready to snip those strings and find some travel and vacation freedom again, call us and schedule a free consultation today. We will help you go out of your timeshare, legally and permanently.

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